Zoes Leathercraft Products

Zoes Leather Dye

A time-tested formula used by professionals since 1905 Penetrates deeply, provides one-coat coverage which will not rub off. 10 leading colors which may be mixed and diluted to obtain various shades. 3oz retail, quarts, gallons.

Zoes Natural Antique Finish

The original Highlighter used by professionals to add depth and highlights to fine leathercraft tooling. Will not damage leather, excess may be removed with water. Finish with acrylic finisher. 4oz retail.

Zoes Acrylic Finish

Dries to a fine medium gloss. Designed for use on fine leathercraft items. Protects, waterproofs and is non-toxic. Water-based formulation. 4oz retail.

Zoes Leather Lacquer

A flexible, durable and glossy lacquer finish for a professional finish for leathercraft items.  Can be sprayed or brushed onto leather.  Clear, quick drying.  4oz retail.

Zoes Carnauba Cream Leather Conditioner

Ideal wax finish for leathercraft projects. Fine oils, cleaners and waxes clean polish and condition fine leather articles. 4oz retail.

Zoes Leather Glow

A time-tested antique finish used for years by professionals to add depth to carved leathercraft items. Adds a mellow glow to leather. Will not damage leather, excess may be removed with water until dry. 4oz retail

Zoes Quick-Carve

A casing solution that makes carving easier. Keeps leather flexible, workable for carving. 4oz retail.
For three generations, our family has specialized in the manufacture of premium and professional shoe and leather care products and specialty chemicals. Since 1905 we have designed products for the care of leather and footwear from the finest ingredients available worldwide. Now you can select from a premium collection of American made products guaranteed to maintain your fine leather articles and footwear to the highest standards.  

Our Venetian, Zoes, and Dyanshine shoe and leather care products offer time-tested formulas designed to clean, condition, dye, or preserve fine leather items.