Zoes Leather Care Products

Zoes Mink Oil Liquid

A natural preservative, conditioner and waterproofer for fine leather articles. A superior blend of mink oil and other beneficial oils with lanolin. Repeated use will keep leather soft and pliable while preserving the leather fibers. 8oz retail.

Zoes Mink Oil Paste

A rich blend of pure mink oil, lanolin and imported waxes that waterproof, soften and condition fine leather articles. For use year-round to protect and strengthen leather boots, shoes and leather athletic equipment. 8oz retail.

Zoes Neatsfoot Oil Compound

A superior blend of prime neatsfoot oil and other oils that preserve, condition and soften leather articles. 8oz retail.

Zoes Saddle Soap

A time-tested formula which deep cleans leather articles, foams away dirt and wax while lubricating the leather fibers to preserve and protect. Glycerine and wax enriched to soften leather. Buffs to a rich, satiny finish. 8oz retail.

Leatherol English Leather Conditioner

A time-tested English Leather preservative designed to clean, preserve and beautify smooth leather articles. Leatherol nourished, revitalizes and strengthens leather’s inner fibers by adding a unique emulsion of the finest natural oils. Will not leave an oily or tacky residue. 8oz retail, quarts, gallons.

Zoes Leather / Vinyl & Suede Shampoo

Quickly and easily clean, preserve, and restore luster to leather and vinyl. Especially formulated with gentle cleaners and recommended for suede, patent, satin, nylon, linen and all plastics. Special cleaners foam away dirt and grime on sneakers and athletic shoes! 8oz retail, quarts.

For three generations, our family has specialized in the manufacture of premium and professional shoe and leather care products and specialty chemicals. Since 1905 we have designed products for the care of leather and footwear from the finest ingredients available worldwide. Now you can select from a premium collection of American made products guaranteed to maintain your fine leather articles and footwear to the highest standards.  

Our Venetian, Zoes, and Dyanshine shoe and leather care products offer time-tested formulas designed to clean, condition, dye, or preserve fine leather items.