Venetian Shoe Cream

Fine oils, gentle cleaners
and imported waxes formulated to clean, condition, preserve and polish all smooth leather footwear and articles. A time-tested formula, a favorite since 1907, designed to deep clean leather pores while nourishing and moisturizing leather fibers to protect and restore. Frequent use will add years to your leather items and help protect and prevent scuffs and scratches. For smooth leathers, cordovan, patents, reptile leathers and plastics. Use on shoes, boots, belts, handbags, briefcases, luggage, upholstery, and sporting goods.

Not all shoe creams are alike! Venetian Shoe Cream is an all-natural formulation. No harsh chemicals, no artificial thickeners, no silicones to harm leather and clog the pores.  Used and recommended by antique restorers and museum curators to restore valuable antique leathers, libraries to maintain 
leather bound books, antique camera restorers, shoe and leather goods manufacturers and tanneries throughout the United States.

Venetian Shoe Cream

Venetian Shoe Cream is available in 3oz plastic bottles in carton, quarts and gallons, neutral for all colors and in 30 popular colors to restore scuffed and faded areas when color is needed.

Venetian Imperial Leather Balm

The ultimate all natural treatment for fine smooth leather articles. A proprietary blend of waxes with additional waxes, conditioners and beneficial oils including beeswax, shea butter and lanolin chosen to maximize conditioning and nourishment to leather while providing a brilliant finish that protects and revives. No harmful silicones or resins. Offered in neutral and all popular colors. Best for exotic leathers and patent leather and plastics too!

Venetian Imperial Leather Balm JARS

Simply the finest leather balm in a heavier consistency for all smooth leathers. Crafted from the highest quality all natural ingredients, a blend of waxes, beneficial conditioners and oils with special dyes and pigments to renovate color and condition leathers. Enriched with beeswax, shea butter, and lanolin for added nourishment. Provides incomparable patina when buffed to a shine. Available in 60 popular colors. Program available.

Mink Oil Paste - 5 oz Tub

Waterproofs, conditions, and preserves all smooth leather and vinyl articles. A special blend of waxes, oils, and conditioners to waterproof and nourish leather pores. For use on shoes, boots, and all smooth leather articles. Product leaves no greasy residue, and treated leathers can then be polished with Venetian Shoe Cream or Venetian Leather Balm for a brilliant finish if desired.

Venetian Horsehair Shoe Brush

Finest quality 100% horsehair shoe brush, varnished handle with 1" bristles provide excellent spreadability for polishes on leather articles. The first step for a brilliant shine. Available in light or dark horsehair.

Venetian Shoe Shine Cloth

The finishing touch for the perfect shine! 100% cotton professional buffing cloth, thick firm material, absorbent surface to better distribute polishes and leather conditioners. Washable. 1 pack in a resealable bag for easy storage.

Venetian Geniune Shoe Horn

100% genuine bull horn - 7 inches.  Handmade from the finest quality horn.  Beautifully crafted and balanced.

For personal use or gifting. A must have addition for proper shoe maintenance!  Comes in your choice of straight or hook end style.

Venetian Imperial Travel Kit

Convenient kit for travel or gifting.

Contains: One bottle Venetian Imperial Leather Balm 4 oz, 2 Jars Venetian Leather Balm (Black and Brown), Two Brushes, One Professional Shine Cloth.
For three generations, our family has specialized in the manufacture of premium and professional shoe and leather care products and specialty chemicals. Since 1905 we have designed products for the care of leather and footwear from the finest ingredients available worldwide. Now you can select from a premium collection of American made products guaranteed to maintain your fine leather articles and footwear to the highest standards.  

Our Venetian, Zoes, and Dyanshine shoe and leather care products offer time-tested formulas designed to clean, condition, dye, or preserve fine leather items.