Barton’s Dyanshine Liquid Shoe Polish

The legendary shoe polish that is part of Americana, used by the Army and Navy in World Wars I and II, military and service personnel since 1917. The one and only original formula that Dyes and Shines, and the best! Once applied, Barton’s Dyanshine liquid will help waterproof smooth leather shoes while imparting a hard wax, rebuffable shine that nourishes and protects leather uppers. It offers the convenience of a liquid and the shine and staining qualities off a paste wax. You apply with the enclosed dauber, let dry, and buff to a shine. No rags, daubers or messy handling is required. In the darker shades, it is ideal for use as a leather dye to redye faded and scuffed leather and color scuffs. Also recommended for use on sole and heel edges to finish the perfect shoe shine! 7 leading colors, 3oz retail, quarts.

Dyanshine Paste Wax Shoe Polish

A tradition for generations, used by the military and service personnel, a companion product to Barton’s Dyanshine Liquid. The hard wax stain formula, a time-tested blend of waxes and conditioners, preserves and nourishes leather. Keeps leather soft and pliable and water resistant. Dyanshine Paste Wax offers more shine per can since it is a firmer wax. It has outstanding staining qualities and rebuffs to a high gloss. Cans are color-coded and offer a convenient applicators in each can. 6 colors 1 1/8oz tins.

Dyanshine Self-Shining Shoe Polish

A special blend of imported waxes formulated to provide a quick and easy dry-bright shine that lasts and lasts. Dyanshine has excellent coverability while nourishing and protecting fine leathers. Package is color coded, 4 leading colors. Dyanshine Self-Shining contains an applicator  cap in the bottle for easy fool-proof application – no clogging sponge applicators or mess. 2oz retail.

Dyanshine White Instant Shoe Polish

Formulated from the finest non-toxic ingredients (no lead pigments) to give easy, coverage which resists rub off and will not crack or peel. It is completely safe for baby’s shoes. Dyanshine White contains detergent ingredients which deep clean leather pores, whitening all white shoes including synthetic materials. A light buffing will produce a clean, natural finish. 2oz retail.

Dyanshine Leather Dye

A solvent based dye for smooth leathers. Provides permanent, even, one-coat coverage. Can be brushed and polished to a high gloss. A time-tested formula used and recommended by professionals and leather goods manufacturers. 
3oz retail.

Dyanshine Saddle Soap

Ideal for the care of smooth leather articles, formulated to deep clean leather while nourishing and conditioning the leather fibers to prevent brittleness and cracking. Will help maintain suppleness and strength while buffing to a soft shine. 1 1/8oz cans.

Dyanshine Boot Oil

A blend of neatsfoot, lanolin and other oils formulated into a penetrating fluid that preserves and conditions smooth leather articles. No hand rubbing required. For boots, shoes, and athletic equipment. Convenient applicator in bottle for easy application. 4oz retail.

Dyanshine Athletic Shoe White

Cleans, whitens and preserves athletic shoes in one easy step! Rich in waxes and special conditioners to give life to leather sneakers, fabrics and suedes.  Brings back faded color and covers scuffs.  2 1/2oz applicator bottle.

Dyanshine Athletic Shoe Shampoo

The convenient way to care for and extend the life of athletic shoes, casual shoes, and sport accessories.  Triple action formula designed to deep clean and renew leather, vinyl, suede and fabric.  Helps lift out stubborn dirt and stains.  Restores luster to leather and vinyl articles.  2 1/2oz applicator bottle.

Dyanshine Executive Travel Kit

Convenient kit for travel or gifting.

Contains: 2 cans Dyanshine Shoe Polish (Black and Brown), 2 cans Dyanshine Paste Wax Shoe Polish (Black and Brown), One bottle Venetian Imperial Leather Balm 4 oz. 2 Brushes. 1 Shine Cloth